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November 3, 2002 · 0 comments

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so it is now sunday. i watched the bears game. they are terrible. i am a bit hungover.

andy ended up crashing on my couch last night. that kid got rocked, as well as locked out of his apartment

i went to the owls show last night. they were pretty awesome. it was like watching cap’n jazz

rye coalition was allright. i liked the high kicking and wall jumps more than the music. i was pretty far back and i couldnt see below the waists of the members…then i would see these legs kick up. it was pretty funny looking. it made my night

when i got there sterling was playing and they were really good. it was nice mellow music. i heard the drums outside and it sounded pretty nice. when i came in i saw they had the drummer in front aimed back at the band. i dont know how i feel about that gimmick. the music was good though.

after the shopw i had to hang around the bar to wait for andy. then we went to laithams party. it was pretty interesting. lots of makeout. i think this one girl grabbed this one guy(who was dressed as a sailor) and brought him over to me and tried to make the magic happen. it never did. that girl was awesome. i think it was a girl. i dont even know. she was a mad ass dancer though.

there was some amazing music played there. this song get off by ripple. the bass line is intense.

enough for now. too many windows open

update: I think what happened that night is we got drunk as funk, came back to my house and smoked way too much, andy ate like 3lbs of halloween candy, and crashed on my couch.

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