Thanksgiving – feast and friends

December 2, 2002 · 0 comments

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allright…so i will do a weekend recap that isnt as poor as the previous post.

wed: worked until noon then went to class. didnt do much of anything there. then went to taco bell with McKenzie. I havent had taco bell for a long while.

Later that night i went to her house and we drank beer and talked with her friend jeff. it was fun.

thursday i woke up…feeling like hell, walked home…showered and went to my grandmas with my sis. This was pretty cool. it was nice to see the family. i think i was a dick to my mom….i dunno. kids will be kids, right? thought so. also i ate like a fucking pig. and my stomach stretched.

after i came home McKenzie came over and we watched american movie. i have to write a paper on it for class.

friday kristen and i cleaned the whole apartment. it was pretty much spotless. then i took a nap i think and went to the sea and cake show. it was pretty awesome. some serious finger picking going on. it was great.

saturday i woke up. did a whole lot of nothing then started to cook for thunksgiving(my version of thanksgiving). me and the sis made lots of food
mckenzie and damon came over. mckenzie brought wine and headdresses, damon brought chocolates and beer. we ate like hogs and drank.

then they all went to the smog show, i stayed at home doing homework. i worked on that damn illustration many hours.

well then they picked me up and we went to dannys and i had a couple of drinks. then it was back here.

sunday i woke up at like 9:30 cause mckenzie had to work. i started to work more on that damn illustration. worked on it for like 5 hours. watched some beers game. napped. worked on it more. finished. and could not fall asleep

today i was super tired but kinda productive. not really. fed up with school and just want it done.

i have to write 2 papers this week and work a good 5-20 hours on my ID project. how much fun that be. i cant wait

tomorrow i have a meeting with some dude from overture. the company which sells add space on yahoo, msn, lycos etc. kind of interesting. not 100% what the meeting is all about. i am supposed to sit and pick up as much nitty gritty as i can on the company and the procedures and stuff. so i guess i should actually get to bed soon.

tomorrow i also get a flu shot and i will be at work for like 6 hours…MONEY woooooo

then i have drawing and my portfolio critique…yippy(sp? doesnt look right)

off to bed.

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