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December 9, 2002 · 0 comments

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so i am a lazy ass. this weekend i spend 24 hours in my bed. 16 of those hours i had company.

i have a ton of shit to do for school tomorrow. and tons of work related tasks as well. i have 3 meetingsthis week. monday morning week recap. tuesday with client. thursday with google. friday is my work party.

i need to get some more work clothes for these meetings. and for the holiday party. i think tuesday i am going to go to bloomingdales and throw down around five hundo on some threads, a bag, a hat, gloves and a scarf.

if you would like to generate more hits to your webpage and drive up your internet sales contact me.

it is funny that i am becoming an “expert” at this. i love it

i need to work a bit more on a paper that is due tuesday, and figure out what tracks i want on a mix cd. the paper needs to be 3 pages long. i am thinking of making the pages fit inside of a cd booklet. i think it would be great and it would also reduce the ammount i need to write.

i also need to write a paper on the movie american movie. this should be a pain in the ass since the movie doesnt really answer the questions that i need to answer.

tomorrow i will be casting rubber. that should go smoothly. yeah…i bet ya it wont. it never does.

also i need to do my display boards for my ID project.

also i am eating dinner with damon. it his last night in town. you shall be missed friend. i hope you get your visa.

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