Terrible Ear Infection. My Ears Be Bleeding!

December 18, 2002 · 0 comments

in WTF?

i have a terrible ear infection….i have had it for the last 2-3 days. monday night my ear drum ruptured and i found blood in my ear on tuesday. pretty knarly!. ha. anyhow i finally was able to go to the doctor on tuesday, oh how i love the uic student medical services. i have a bit of a ringing and 25% loss of hearing. i am now on meds and it should start clearing up in a few days. within 3 weeks i should hear normally again. if not i will get a sweet sweet turbo hearing aide and be able to eavesdrop without anyone knowing. oh the fun i could have with that.

i drank 6 times in the last 2 weeks. had really hotttttt sex. got hit on by a 36 year old woman and her sister. gave my number to someone else. dropped 450 dollars on clothes. finished with finals. got hired as an actual employee. lowered the cpc(cost per click) of a web site down about 75-80% of what they were spending. met with a 30million dollar a year company. and had a meeting with google.

the last week was crazy. no wonder i was sick. too much work and too much play makes werty a sick sick boy.

all i have to do this week is go xmas shopping, get better, call about 40 people and email about 10 others. fun fun fun fun fun fun fun

on the plus side i am super happy at work and work my tail off and i see results which is kinda cool. i am going places i tells ya. sure. anyhow dont know when i will update next.

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