Getting Stretched Thin

January 16, 2003 · 0 comments

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so i am now back at school. i go t and thurs from 9am until 6:40 pm. this is killing me. oh yes. my photo2 class requirs 12 hours of outside of class work a week. that is a bit crazy. the painting class will require another 6. my time based media class i think i can put 1-2 hours of work in and just use mad skills to replace the time that is called for.

currently my job is freaking me out. i work all the time and i wish they would hire me on salary so i could drop 2 of my classes and enjoy the perks of being a real employee. well a salaried employee. paid holidays, paid vacations, sick days…etc.

supposedly they are going to offer me the job in the next week. if they wait any longer i cannot take it, because i will get 3 giant W’s on my transcript…which is the same as an F as far as i am concerned. balls.

the wonderful torrey newman seemed to have joined us again in the last week. either that or someone else randomly searched for torrey in my search box. no real clue.

in other news. my hard drive died on this piece of shit and i lost about 6 months of files…luckily nothing that important. i think i am going to buy the new powerbook 12″ with dvd burner. it is a nerds dream. i will get that with a wireless card and surf all day. every day.

i am so fucking tired right now. i am going to try and get to bed by 10 pm tonight. that way i can be ready for the weekend.

at some point i need to purchase about 10 rolls of film and shoot 2 of them. also i need to get to uic and paint for a few hours. hip hip horray.

i am actually pretty happy with the way i am progressing right now. i just wish there were more days in the week and more hours in the day.

i am reading a book right now about “the great game”. which of course is business. it is pretty amazing. i am learning quite a bit about how a company is started and how stocks and all that are taken care of and issued. the only reason i really care is that my company was bought out by the pres and the vice pres in decemember. i believe it is being set up as an ESOP (employement stock option program). this is pretty cool because the employees(me) get some equity(stock) in the company. supposedly we are going to have massive bonus programs and things like that. it is pretty exciting, especially when you are a greedy piece of shit like myself. also we are supposed to be expanding my section of the company. interactive…the interent related shit. if all goes as planned we will be seperating from the current company…if this is the case i will become some sort of a bigger cheese and run a developement/design team. this whole idea is pretty fucking rediculous…but i am down for it. i think ti would be great.

oh. well before i go i may as well plug the new page. i am redesigning lightblueextra to be more of a community as well as a resource. show listings, live news feeds, weather…maybe email, and of course the world famous(having one member in the uk makes it international) messageboard. people have taken a liking to it. hopefully it will get completed this month and we will kick it off with a show or something… i am very happy with the people who want to help and started writing reviews. keep up the good work boys.

well that is all for now…i will probably take another month before i even think about this site again…woooo.

go me.

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