Glass Grass or Ass

January 21, 2003 · 0 comments

in 2003,Werty

so i just pulled a glass sliver from the ball of my foot…and it now hurts more…i am glad it is gone though…eek. it was pretty big. much larger than the entrance wound…go figure.

a full day of class tomorrow. 9-6:40 lame as hell. i hate this semester already. the only good thing is having mckenzie in my photo class. the rest of my classes seem like excuses to spend money and waste time. ugh. and fuck UIC.

work. yeah. balls. i had ot work today. i was supposed to get it off. i did a 100 franchise mailing which should have taken a week in under 4 hours today. It scares me that i can work that fast. it was nice to have the office empty. 4 employees. 2 were the owners/presidents. it was nice and quiet. except for the music i was streaming in. sweeet sweet shoutcast through a t-1.

well i am off to bed. a “full” “fun” day ahead.

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