Double Uugh.

January 28, 2003 · 0 comments

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so i get home from school tonight to find out my grandma is in the hospital. her heart beat got down to 27 bpm. she has to get a pacemaker installed tomorrow…

i called her when i found out. she kept telling me that she hopes i sleep allright. that she hopes grandpa sleeps allright.

the whole conversation was a bit surreal.

i did yoga tonight. i havent done it for a few months.

tomorrow i have a performance review at work.

next tuesday my painting is due, along with my photo project.

i need to shoot 2 rolls of film tomorrow. develop them on thursday. make prints over the weekend.

also i need to get to school tomorrow to work on the painting.

i am not 100% impressed with it. i would say that it is my best realistic painting to date. as well as my only realistic painting. i have probably put about 14 hours into it so far. pretty happy with the results. my favorite part is the shot glass and the way it reflects the light as well as the distorted solo cup that can be viewed through it.

so much shit to do so little time.

i hope my grandmas surgery goes well tomorrow and i hope she can go back home on thursday…

stay tuned.

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