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February 21, 2003 · 0 comments

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so i think google may be updating soon

i would like to get this page “google friendly”

here is a link to the archives. just until i can update the template of this piece so it actually runs properly. that will require me setting up SSI server side includes

light blue extra dot com seems to be dead right now. not sure why. maybe because that server licks rim. is up and running though. it is in the limbo stage right now… we shall see what happens…. please follow this link: indie music reviews

i am working on a painting at school. it is an abstract self portrait. i think it should turn out pretty good. so far i have about 13 hours in on it. it is due on tuesday and i probably have at least 4-5 hours left on it. it looks pretty “ill” right now. i think i have become a master of glazing. either that or i am just lucky. i need to do another 1-2 tops coats on my face and then do lighting details on the streaks… then just random touch-ups… like i said 4-5 hours.

i hope that we start getting half day fridays again at work. i want to go out to lunch with my old boss john one of these days. it have been forever since i last saw him.

my grandma is back in the hospital…not good. this time it has something to do with high ammonia levels in her blood. something resulting from her hepatitis c. kristen and I should go out there on saturday or sunday to visit. we have done so for the last 4 weeks i think its been. no real comment on this. i just want her to get better.

tomorrow i need to dress up for work and bring a change of clothes. i am going to be modeling. i do not think i like this idea. a photographer was there last week and i ditched out on the photo shoot…luckily he will be there again. they are photos for our web page and for any annual reports that we put out….no comment.

supposedly on monday they are making an offer to higher me full time on salary. heard this one before. it would be nice but i have 2 months left of school. after that it would be grand though.

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