Update and some drinks at the hungry brain.

February 22, 2003 · 0 comments

in WTF?

so lets reflect on todays happenings

94 or something die while going to a great white concert

i go to work and have to dress up. i choose to wear dress pant. these pants were made of wool. it was warm today. 45 out.

at work i did the usual…plus i had to “model” for photographs. i will say that i am not much a fan of this. i think i hold some power over what images we use thoug since i am the one who made the company website. we will see what happens exactly. i never signed the contract agreeing to use my photosfor whatever the president wants. so i think it was good that i did not sign….again we will see. i think a good lawyer can get you out of pretty much any undesireable situation. i think i need to find a good lawyer.

i called my grandma today. she is in the hospital. i guess it is due to her liver not working properly. she seemed to be doing pretty good. my mom said she had a stroke…but she said she did not and that it was more of a liver failure. either way it is not good news and i think we had a coherant talk and she seemed to be on the ball with her vocab and such. so i think that is good. i get to see her on tomorrow or sun…not 100% which yet.

erica called me from the airport tonight. i think it was nice that she called. i was kind of uncertain about that whole thing. the call cheered me up a bit. i thought i may have messed things up when i had to turn her down on tuesday…so yeah i am glad she called. she seems like a sweet girl.

tonight i went out with victor and my sister to the hungry brain. it was pretty good. amanda joined us and brought her roomate. it was a good time i spent like 30 bones and paid for all of my drinks as well as about 2 other rounds. i am moderately shitty right now which is a good thing.

i met this guy chris. he is a web designer/developer/blah/blah. he was pretty cool. i need to email him after this post. hopefully he can help me with the 2-3 shitty sites i need to get off the ground and running. sick of the current status of things.

i think one of the weirdest things is that i post all of this crap and may have one to three readers. rarely do i even read this. it is just here because i need to have it exit my head. if it stays too long it may build up and eventually break something…who knows though?

anyhow i need to get to bed. i may go paint tomorrow in the AM and then go visit my grandma in the hospital. sorry if this thing was a mess tonight. i have a few drinks in me and needed to run my mouth off. hope YOU all had a good weekend. goodnight.

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