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March 2, 2003 · 0 comments

in 2003,Werty

a little tiny bit tipsy now.

i did not feel like drinking tonight. i had one beer at my friends art show. it was kinda cool. at some fancy hair salon. the owner was tatted up something fierce.

it was nice to see chris and rob.

then some bitch tried to get me to pay him to shine my shoes. i did not want my shoes shined.

after this i got stuck in/waiting for the el for a good hour. it was not fun. i did however, finish reading the book ecstasy by irvine welsh. it was pretty good. i like the last story. it was really sappy and good.

after this i went to ;loies pub or whatever. it sucked
then to holiday. it really sucked.

then we went to flash taco where evertyting was EH/

thats it for now

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