Strange man in the building yesterday!

February 25, 2003 · 0 comments

in WTF?

so perhaps the funniest thing ever happened today at work.

before i explain it…let me tell you what i did last night.

i worked. from 9am until about 5:30. usually i work until 4:30 but i got stuck with a bunch of extra work because certain people did not stick to their “personal commitments”

anyhow so finally leave at 5:30 and i take some pictures of the men and womens bathroom doors for a photo project for my Photo 2 class at UIC
I think i shot a total of 4 pictures…and just of the bathroom doors and just on the 6th floor.

today at about 10:30 am i get this email:

XXXXXX was just notified by XXXXX’s that there was a strange man in the building yesterday taking pictures of all the exits and entrances. He was very strange looking and wearing a skull cap and he did not sign in at the security desk. Please be careful and aware of your surroundings.

So either there was someone else in the building taking pictures yesterday or the story has been exaggerated each time it was told. I wonder what it will be like by tomorrow. There will probably be snipers on the rooftops across the street waiting to pop this “very strange looking man”.

Am I that strange looking? )c:

Is it really that strange to take pictures of bathroom doors. Mens? Womens?

Just wait until the photo project is done. I have a week to complete it. About 40 images have been taken.

After the photos I went to school to paint. I finished the painting…. click here to see it

I did not get out of there until after 11pm.

Well i am off to bed after i eat some oranges. Goodnight.

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