After an Adventure?

March 19, 2003 · 0 comments

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So I come after my adventure today and crash right on out on my bed for a good 7 hours. Maybe I am getting ill? Either that or it could be depression related? Maybe the change in weather and me not dressing appropriately. No clue. It is now 1:15 am and I should think about going to sleep so I can work tomorrow. WOOO!

After my 3 hour shift at work this morning I went to eat lunch with my old boss. It was nice seeing him. Him and his wife are starting a book/record resale company. There was one really smart tactic he talked about. Plus he has genuine interest in the products that they would be selling which is always a good thing.

After this I had to go get a copy of my birth certificate so I can leave/re-enter the country this weekend. I am going to Canada this weekend just for the hell of it.

After this I bought some new vitamins, in attempt to give me some sort of new found energy. Who knows why I am so tired today…

Well hopefully the lonely droning sound of my computer will humm me to sleep, it seems to be working already. I think I need to research new case/motherboard combinations that run whisper quiet.

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