Shoes and Booze

March 17, 2003 · 0 comments

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What a weekend it was. Got home at about 8pm after working late and deciding to get some new kicks. I like them alot. Tsubo, I guess now I am either completely hip, or a complete yuppie…or somewhere in between. So far I have gotten a few compliments on them. Also some guy walking towards me totally was checking the kicks out, I knew he was impressed.

Well then Sean and I went and got some sushi. We got seats right away but had to wait at least an hour to get our food. The waitress gave us free sake though and we drank a bit of that. Also we were moved from the sushi bar to a table when the restuarant cleared out a bit. I am sure she thought it was two boys out for a hot date on friday…so good? So Bad!

Well then we went to Rainbo Club and had a drink. On the way there we ran into a really unique character that I wish we hadn’t. Of Chicago mutants.

Saturday cable was installed. It was cool when it first came because the premium channels were working, when I returned they were not. Also the weather was great, so I went out for a walk and planned on getting some CD’s, no luck…they had nothing I wanted.

Well later on I met Up with McKenzie. I had way to much drink and woke up at 3pm on sunday. I felt allright when I first woke up, but later felt like hell and was praying for death. I went to bed at 10:30 which is a record for me.

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