Did not even touch the booze

March 9, 2003 · 0 comments

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So this weekend I did not touch the booze, which is a good thing. The only time I went out was to go to my grandparents house on sat. Krissy and I stopped at Kasia’s Deli. We got some grub for the family to eat. I dropped 20 bones on it. It was well worth it. The whole family raved about it. They had really good potato pancakes. I also purchased some pork tenderloin, being a veg. I did not try any.

Well then I came home and I slept. Lounged the rest of the evening and then watched About a boy. It was not bad. I was expecting something that was pure shite. I personally do not like Hugh Grant, but he was not that bad in this. I give it three stars ***.

I worked on this page a little bit today. I added a hit counter and a rating thing. I am interested in finding out if anyone actually comes to this page. According to overture people search for “werty” about 150 times a month. On google I am the first result….so they would at least click it if nothing else.

I need to decise what i want to do exactly with this page. I think the gallery is a good start. I just need to change the formating of that to match the main page and then I will have something decent. Also I should go through some of my works and post the stuff I like. I would say I have at least 20 pictures that i think are good and a few paintings. I will sell them cheap. Real cheap. You digs?

Well i am supposed to get food tonight with my friend mike. I do not see that happening though. I need to shave, do laundry, do some homework, decide on a photo project(may need some herbal guidance), plan an outfit for tomorrow(2 meetings–yay!!!), send some shit that i have needed to do for about 2 months….plus put sometime into my paintings…

Also this is my sisters last night in town for about 2 weeks. She is going to Ireland and Scotland for 12 days I think it is. I may try and go to vegas for an extended weekend in 2 weeks. We will see if I can afford it, as well as get someone to come with me.

Word. that is all for now

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