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March 9, 2003 · 0 comments

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So I had some more computer problems today:
1.Struggled to update the templates on this, only to have blogger not save the changes. Hopefully it is fixed now. I wonder if it is due to me updating the blog through blog buddy,which somehow stored the old template. The counter and the rating buttons are back on it now. Hopefully they will stay. The ratings say I got 251 votes, if so that is crazy. Normally I get 2-3 pageviews a day.
2.The second computer problem was with my blasted wireless internet card. What a pain in the ass. I downloaded new drivers for it, hopefully that will solve all the stupid problems I have been having. It seemed crazy fast 1.8MPS after the update, which is brilliant.

I am doing 3 loads of laundry right now, I even washed my sheets.

My sister left for Ireland at around 5pm. I assume she is somewhere near the coast or over the ocean right now.

I am posting this from blog buddy so we will see what happens.

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