What Happens In Canada Stays In Canada

March 25, 2003 · 0 comments

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What happens in Canada stays in Canada

So yeah. just doing a little test. We will see what happens.

My day started with my U-pass not working. I was pissed. So it will not cost me $3.00 everday to go to work, $4.50 on the days I go to school. $18 a week)c: And I wanted to start saving money.

Just a whole other part of the reason how my job fucked me. They supposedly were/are going to hire me full time. So in order to work more hours and get close to full time hours I dropped one of my classes. This put me at part time instead of full time credit hours. I loose my U-pass and my financial aid. Not that bad considering I will have a career…right? Wrong. It has been months and I have heard nothing about this. I am pretty pissed about it. I do not even know who I can go complain to since I have about 20 bosses…

Today I did not want to go into work. It was boring. Lori and I got taken out to lunch which was cool. Well somewhat cool. I ordered fish and chips, which should be pretty hard to mess up. It was not bad but they did not have malt vinegar. Is that even legal?? It shouldn’t be.

Well after work I cam home and fell asleep on the couch…I was having a pretty good dream when Sean came home and the door woke me up. Not a big deal. I fell asleep again anyhow. I have no idea why I have been so tired. I even started to work out a little bit again. I dunno.

I was supposed to go out tonight with my sister and Nicole, for Nicoles last night in town. I have to be good and get to work on time and to school tomorrow. Going to school will cost me 3 dollars tomorrow. That Is not cool at all. At least I get to go to the art galleries/museums though. Beats my classes. Also I hope to make some advancements on my painting. Like I said befor it is looking good.

Oh yeah…but anyhow it is so much later than I thought it was. I should have just gone out. At least I could have gotten drunk (c:

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