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March 25, 2003 · 0 comments

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Work was blah today. There is about 80 hours of work I need to do and about 10 hours this week to do it. I am not very happy with this. Nor am I happy with that entire place. It seems many of the employees feel the same way. Kind of sad. There was great potential when the company was purchased 4 months ago, however the people in charge seemed to have killed the momentum by stalling and stalling. We will see what happens with it….

Anyhow I leave that hole and go to UIC. I work on my painting. I think it looks pretty good. It still needs about 10 hours or so more work on it. But it will be completed and it should look awesome when it is done.

Well then from here i went to the MOCP (the museum of contemporary photography) It was so-so. The first thing we saw I thought was pretty weak. Some of it was allright being 30 years old and being some of the first digital photographs ever made. His newer shit I thought was pretty wack. Stuff made in 2000 looked like it could have come from 96.

From here we went to the Art Institute. There was some really shitty photography on display there… I dunno. I guess I am just a photo snob or something but I thought much of the crap they had was wack.

There was some African American exhibit going on and I saw the most amazing painting in the world. It was done in chicago in the 70’s. It was brilliant. It was purple, yellow, blue, white, and a few other colors. Totaly illustrated, done in oil. It was amazing. I want it. I may have to go back just to get the name of it.

Found a picture of it:

hopefully that will link up.

Well class then ended and I went and looked at many paintings. There were some which were simply amazing. It was really cool to just look at the brushstrokes in the paintings and look at all the life they had. Also seeing works from the same artists and watching them progress technically through the years gave me some hope. I have decided that I really do want to paint. Sure I enjoy making money and doing advertising and marketing shit…but that is all that it is shit. Solid bullshit. Just a way to sell stuff that people do not need.

So yeah… once this semester at school is done I want to paint at least an hour a day. And just exercise my hand and my mind. Try to get what is in my dome out on to the canvas.

I still have no clue what I am going to do with school once it is over…I think i have about 8 weeks to decide.

I still owe the school $2200 so I cannot register for summer school until I pay that. I need to see if I can get loans and what not in order to attend. I hate being broke…and I do not want to depend on my parents for anything. I am still pissed at myself for dropping that one class for my job. What a bunch of assholes…and what an idiot I was to do so. Ugh.

Also I think I am pissed at about 60% of the people I know. Yup Yup.

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