Went To Work Today

April 2, 2003 · 0 comments

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I went to work today. blah blah blah

Then I went to the art institute. It was pretty good. I took my camera and took some pictures of some of the work that I like. I wish I had more time to spend there. Also I wish there was less of a crowd. It was super nice out today. I think it reached 70 degrees.

I then went to phone class, it was not a slide lecture, but a photoshop lecture. So I attempted to sit through it and dosed off somewhat while he was giving it. McKenzie pretty much ignored me today. Such is life.

Then I came home, took a nap and went to some special person even with Sean. It was pretty interesting. I drank free booze but did not get any free food. So I got sauced with a quickness. Then I came home and watched some shit on VH1 about the guy who came up with Girls Gone Wild. I thought I should start one called boys gone crazy. The domain was taken. Then I thought Boys Gone Bonkers. Also taken. Men Gone Mad is open though. I also thought Seniors Gone Silly could sell to the senior citizen market….may look into it.

I do not want to work tomorrow that is for sure. I need to write a paper when I get off of work. That will be great. WOO.

It is 12pm and I can not post this since the domain is down. Blogger was down last night and today it is the domain. What is next my computer? Better not be. I still need to send away my Hard Drive from the last time this piece died. Oh how I hate computers. True.


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