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April 1, 2003 · 0 comments

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Well lets see. Today is Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning. I am still up from Monday and dead tired.

Here is what I did today. Work. From 9am until 6:30pm…eeeek. I need the money and I had stacks of shit to do. I still have a ton more to do for the rest of the week/month life. Oh yeah…It is April Fools day.

April Fools Day

Here is something interesting:

On my way to work this morning the escalator going up at the Clark and Lake stop stopped working while about 60 people and I were on it. All I could do was smile. Serves you right you lazy fucks. There were people upset by this. I get more upset when there lazy asses stand and enjoy the free ride. If they would actually climb the stairs they could get to the top in about 3 seconds instead of 15. A-holes.

Well then I get my muffin and my coffee…I switched it up from the bagel today….wooo. I head to work…barely get there in time for the Monday morning meeting.
Work, work and work until 6:30 pm. Then i go to wonderful UIC where I paint until about 10:30pm. Then I hang out and watch some students disect a bird. One of the grad students/teachers cat killed a bird. So she disected it so she could keep the skin and “honor it”. I would agree. It was pretty amazing. Nature whoops the camels ass.

Oh yeah on my way to school tonight I got to smell fresh rain. That was pretty nice….it has been a while since I have experienced anything “refreshing” in the city.

Then I had to wait a good 20 minutes for the late night blue line train. They always do some switch overs or something. It bugs the hell out of me…but what can you do? Thats correct. You can make a blog and bitch about it.

I stopped for Flash Tace on the way home and got a veggie taco and a veggie tamale. It was not bad….it would have been nice if they included sauce and a fork. I had to eat it on my desk since my sister was sleeping(her room is attached to the kitchen). Word.

Well it is now after 1am..and I hope I can fall asleep when I hit the pillow. I get to go to the Art Institute Again tomorrow. I am going to bring my camera (in my new camera bag) and get the names of the work that I enjoyed. I think I may ditch out on photo. I am entitled to miss a class….we will see though. I will probably end up going. Tomorrow night I am going to some little fashion party with Sean, the male model roommate. It should be fun. Free booze, free food, maybe free clothes. I am down.

Well thats all folks. Goodnight.

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