Hungover, Confused and Angry.

April 6, 2003 · 0 comments

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It is Saturday night and I am not drunk. I had a moderately productive day. I woke with an extreme hangover and no recollection of leaving the bar last night. I ate some breakfast and needed coffee. I then went back to bed for a bit or at least attempted to do so. Well after this my sister and I went to visit my grandparent. They seem to be doing well. After this we went to trader Joes where I purchased a bunch of groceries. Then we went to target and I wasted some money on things I do not need. Mainly shampoo and Crest white stripes. Maybe one day I will have pearly whites.

Then we came back here and cooked a nice dinner. It was probably the best food I have cooked in a while. Later on we watched Tigerland, it was really good, interesting in both plot and shooting technique. One scene made me uncomfortable which is really remarkable. It made me want to react and get involved. Oh don’t worry  the only involvement I would have had would lend a hand in breaking up a fight.

I don’t know what else to say other than I talked to some friends tonight which was also good. I need to start going out more and by going out I do not mean going out and drinking. I mean going out and have some non alcohol induced fun. Maybe focus on the fun part since I rarely seem to have any these days. Actually I had fun at the show last night at least for the most part.

The first band that played I thought was allright they dragged on and did not interest me in the least. If I want to hear that type of music I will listen to Godspeed you black emperor.

Will Oldham I thought played a really good show. I have never seen him before but I would like to see him again. He has a wonderful voice and was pretty entertaining to watch.

Dirty Three was pretty rocking. I have never seen them and I would see them again if I could. They had a mysterious 4th member. I always thought they were a 3 piece, and I think for most of the songs they were?? No idea. The dude on violin was interesting. I think his name is Mick Turner. He has some funny moves. Rumor has it he was plastered. I would most likely agree. I thought it was interesting to know what their songs were about since they lack lyrics.

I hate the time change. Goodnight.

Update: I remember parts of this evening now. I went up to the show and am pretty sure I met up with Stu and McKenzie. We went to the bar under the metro and got plastered. We were really bad, and I think I may have been kicked out of the club…either that or I was just escorted up the stairs by my friends who put me in a cab. I remember some really bizarre parts of the evening involving a certain girls hand, and a certain guys behind. Sorry Stu!

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