One Long Ass Meeting

April 11, 2003 · 0 comments

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So I was in a meeting for like 7-8 hours today. It was pretty interesting and I am glad that I attended it. Hopefully this will help me communicate more openly with people I may have felt intimidated by before. Also it felt good to be part of the decission making process that will decide how exactly the company will be run for the next year or so…until we adapt the plan down the road. Tomorrow I know we meet again and discuss what we went over today and actually set up our goals and rewards program. Monday I assume that we will present it to the rest of the company and try to explain everything that we learned. I learned a new term today. ROS. Return on sales. Thats a new one. Very important to our business.

This weekend I am supposed to go boozing with my sister. I think it would be fun, but I need to save some money. I do not think I would mind getting sauced though. I have to do my fucking taxes this weekend. I am dreading that. I owe like 380 federal and Probably 100 or so State. I am not happy abou this. Also I have to figure out how I am going to pay my 2200 debt to uic off. And what the hell I am going to do for 2 projects at school. I am completely dreading them both. I missed painting due to the meeting today, but had nothing to do in there anyway. I am assuming in about 2 weeks I will be spending 40 hours at work and 20 at school. It will be loads of fun……………….yup.

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