Finally Done With School

May 1, 2003 · 0 comments

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So I am finally done with school. It is quit a nice feeling. So finishing up today was the good news. The bad news is I start work full time tomorrow. 9-5 every weekday from now on. I hope I find some meaning in my life because that is certainly not it. It will be nice to have a steady income. Plus I will have some shitty insurance coverage, but I can choose my own doctor, so no more trucking over to UIC to wait for a few hours. Well back to the school thing. I am going to apply at a few schools who actually offer night classes, I am thinking Columbia and the Illinois Istitute of Art. I will see how much they cost and what kind of financial aide is available. I could honestly care less about the classes. I would just like a chunk of mine to transfer in from COD and UIC. In theory I should be a junior or senior, the keyword here being theory.

Tonight it is Elimidate and then early to bed…at least that is the proposed plan. This weekend I do not know what is going on. I would like to rest, hang out with people and get a bunch of shit done. Mainly clean my room and file all this crap that has been sitting out for the last 2 months. Also at some point I need to pickup my giant painting from school. When I return to here I will need to organize my art supplies and figure out what other supplies I need to start painting for 2 hours a day.

Oh yeah…while I am talking about goals here is my summer list:
Paint every day. Read every day. Work out every day. Hang out with friends thrice weekly. Limit myself to drink once a week. Start getting rid of my clutter, mainly on ebay or the trash can. This includes cd’s, movies, clothes I no longer wear, shoes, bass. musical equipment, computer parts and accessories, books, misc. small shit that just takes up space, a play station, a vcr…and that is just from my apartment, who knows what else I have at my parents.

So yup…that sums up my summer, we shall see how it goes.

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