My Only Goals This Weekend

April 13, 2003 · 0 comments

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So my only goals this weekend were to get a little bit liquired up, do my taxes, clean my desk, pay some bills, call a few people, call my mom, cook, relax and prepare some art related things for school… So far I have gotten drunk, called a few people, started to clean my desk and thought of one thing to do for school. I wish it was a three day weekend.

Google had one of its famous dances on friday. In some ways it was good in others it was bad… One of my sites now has 105 pages indexed which is awesome. If you do a search for mogwai photos I am number one. The current archive had to have been messed up when it crawled…just because it was only one page deep…there should have been 30 or so there…soon it will change.

So I plan to get the rest of my list completed today…we will see what happens. This week at work should be interesting.

The laundry is complete…the desk is sorted but not yet clean. Taxes shall be processed shortly…I have about 4 hours to complete the rest of the shiz…

I cooked mahi mahi for dinner tonite. It was pretty tasty…extremely moist…which is a good thing?? Any fish experts read this? Anyone read this?

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