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May 14, 2003 · 0 comments

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So let’s see what has been going on:

Been crazy busy at work.

I cleaned like a mad man this weekend and organized my Art supplies…I also threw out about 2 years of my life in the form of receipts and paperwork…I had all these receipts from the grocery store, every ATM transaction… With this information I could see what I bought… I ran into some interesting things that made me reminiscent of the past. Certain meals I may have prepared and things along those line. One receipt was for the ingredients to make lemon sugar cookies, they were brilliant.

Saturday the 10th was May Day (??) or at least I think. Anyhow I documented my day through photographs. It was not a standard Saturday. I hung out with Andy , which I have not done for quite some time. We went to Penney’s Noodles, it was good. I just got the tofu pad thai, with broccoli added. From here we went to Weekend Records and Soap on Division. If you have never been there they have a good selection of music. They had lots of vinyl and I wish I had money to spend on music, but I am saving for a laptop and a PDA so perhaps in a few months. I was not impressed with their selection of soap. Andy bought a bar of peppermint soap which he said is really good, it smelled nice at least. If you have never used peppermint soap I recommend you try it. It is cool and refreshing it is great soap for the summer since it cools you down.

Well after this we went to Andy’s house so I could take more ridiculous pictures for www.friendster.com. Check out Andy’s profile.
Then I came home and slept. I have been super tired and worn out my schedule is way off and I need to fix it. I have been averaging 4-5 hours of sleep per night and it is getting to me.

Here is some random news: blogger is updating some of its software, so hopefully I will get a chance to test that out. Also I am still thinking of switching to grey matter or movable type for the way this runs. I will see what the new blog has to offer before I install anything though.

Other “hot” news: I made some slight changes to lightblueextra.org. I am not sure if that has lost all momentum if so that would be pretty sad to see it go to the trash can. I think I will make one last attempt start from scratch with regards to the host, the domain registration and get people to help me right from the start. I figure with some good help I could get the site up and running in a week. My main concerns are templates and permissions. Also the software which it will run under is always getting updated so I am not certain at what point to wait for good software that removes session ids or if I should get someone to help me program it into it in the first place. Ugh.

I am also thinking about moving hosts for this site as well, something that offers me slightly better features and more storage space. I think I want use this to archive my photos…or at least those ones that are worth saving.

One last thing…I have been doing pretty well on Blogshares here is my profile: Not the 245.8% growth in net worth this month!!!

Well it is now my bed time maybe an update in a week or two?

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