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This weekend wasn’t so hot. I did not do anything other than make a mad ass dinner on Friday. Saturday I went to my grandparents and helped out around their house. Then my parents came out there. yada yada yada.

Later that night I saw the Matrix Reloaded. I have mixed feelings about it. It was not very great, but it was entertaining…well at least parts. The acting was terrible.

After this we had to go boozing, I am good at this. I ended up getting pretty drunk and ran into McKenzie. Oh, that was an interesting encounter…

Sunday I did not do jack, other then surf the web and talk on the phone. I read up a lot on the search engines which was good. I realized a site I have been working on was no longer listed in the google index so I went crazy looking for answers. I seem to have found some, which is good. Also, I am not the only one who is experiencing the same problems. Well nothing to do other than wait and see what the outcome of the ‘Dominic’ update is.

Today at work, Lori was gone which made my afternoon quite fun. At least the day is over.

Well then, I came home, worked out, cut the grass and did laundry. Tomorrow I will be sore, but at least I will have clean clothes.

I have two highlights today. One being in the elevator at work on my way to lunch and some gal comes in on the 2nd floor or third and was all nice and said hello and we had a 10 second chat. Interesting. Must have been my shirt….? The other highlight is now that I am the proud owner of www.gymkata.com

Another interesting thing I learned today was how to setup Word to analyze your writing at the end of a spelling/grammar check. It is pretty interesting. You can set it up numerous ways, one which will tell you how many passive sentences you are using. This may not be important to you, but if I plan to write for the web, I need to learn how to do this properly. The only downfall to this tool is that I see how little writing skill that I possess.

Oh well, that is wrap. Tomorrow I expect to be a bit sore, and I plan to be a bit anxious. I need to do some studying when I get home and figure out exactly what questions I need to get answers to, as well as enough tools to effectively pass the tests’ I am certain there will be posts if all goes well. I am looking forward to this and looking forward to advancing my life, which this will assist.

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