I had a pretty good weekend

June 3, 2003 · 0 comments

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I had a pretty good weekend. I watched ‘Catch Me If You Can’. I liked it, kind of long. I liked that it was based off of a true story. I wonder how much was real. Also I wish I could get away with some of the things that Leonardo DiCaprios character got away with.

Sunday I went and saw Enon and Interpol at a street fest in Wriggleyville. Enon sounded like ass, well at least the guitar did. There were countless cute girls at this event. That made me smile. My ears are still ringing from Interpol. I need to find my ear plugs. I will probably deaf from the rock and roll, Blind from the monitor, and crippled from sitting in a desk chair for countless hours a day. Also add overweight and even more bald then I am now… getting old rules. At least I have retirement to look forward to.

Saturday I went and visited the Grandparents. We(my sister and I) were supposed to paint the fence. The weather prevented us from doing so. Supposedly we broke records with a low of 37 degrees on saturday night. Pretty silly considering it is now June. I blame the russians.

I made like $13,000 from selling some stock today…sweet. Too bad the money is not real)c:

Oh yeah, I also saw ‘Good Will Hunting’ this weekend. It was pretty good. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! or is it???

Looking forward to Friday. 2 reasons, one is that I have a weekend, and the other is that Jarrett is coming to town as well as 12 other rowdies to eat mexican food and drink. It should be funny. And it will be nice to see the old crew.

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