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I think I may try to re-design this thing using CSS in the near future. I have been playing around with them at work and there are some cool things that they can do. I think I might move servers yet again, this time opting for something a little more robust.

2 days until the Mexican food eat/drink a thon. It should be a blast. I am going to take a wad of money out of the bank. I have to buy a few people drinks’mostly the recent graduates.

Sports note: Sammy Sosa, what the fuck? I hate professional athletes, especially ones who are on completely shit commercials that you know they never use. I cannot even think of the commercials he has done. For some reason I am thinking some food related thing, I want to say subway but that does not seem correct. Also, I think he did some cell phone commercial. Like I am really going to buy a cell phone because some bat toting, thick accented foreigner recommends it. Perhaps if Carrot Top was also in the commercial, I would be convinced. Lame

Consumption: I ordered another pair of Tsubo shoes today, model Vega. I ordered them in brown so I can finally wear some of the brown shirts that have been sitting dormant in the closet.

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