Finally purchased a new phone

June 24, 2003 · 0 comments

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So I purchased a new cell phone today, I come home and try and activate it and they say the ESN(electronic serial number) is already activated. What the shit? Fuck you best buy. Then I call up my computer manufacturer, to see If i can get the WLAN problem straightned out. Of course I cannot. He suggests I return it to the store and get a brand new one, since it may be an error on the motherboard or something. Too bad I installed about 10 programs, a 4 gig backup of a movie of my Grandparents and 10 gigs of mp3s)c: I think I will see if they will put this on hold and I can try the new one out for a day to see if it is my network or the computer that is fucked. I do not think it is my network that is bad. Oh well.

I made a few discovers at work today. Working on a site related to warehouses. I found some good decriptive phrases that pull in a few hundred queries a month…I think they should be easy to optimize, which will be great. Working on their site map right now…hopefully I can finish it tomorrow and move on to the next product. I hope I do not get bothered with internal site changes for another week. I want a flat panel monitor, seriously this thing is so crisp.

I need to get a hair cut, glasses, a dental exam and some allergy meds. Maybe some sleep and exercise too. This week I take my rings out…my prediction, blood everywhere.

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