Got a new laptop

June 21, 2003 · 0 comments

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So I got a laptop today. It is pretty rock’n. I cannot get the fucking 802.11b (wi-fi, wireless networking) to work properly. I am not sure if it is the computer or if it is something wrong with my hub/router/access point. I will have to cruise to a wireless cafe and see if I can connect there.

Tomorrow I plan to set up an Ad-hoc network in my room. What this should allow me to do is connect my 2 computers to each other for data transfer and sharing of the Internet access. We shall we what happens.

My broken hard drive came today as well. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a 60gig. The broken one was a 45. Some asshole is outside revving his motorcycle. It is 1:30. I hope he eats it going around a corner. … So I will be spending a few hours setting everything up. What I hope to accomplish is to have at least 20gigs of redundant storage…pretty much a mirrored copy of this laptop…we will see.

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