Last night was a success.

June 7, 2003 · 0 comments

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So last night the El Cid Drink/Eat a thon was a success. I had a good time and it was nice to see all the old crew.

Here is a review of the places we went:

El Cid. Extremely friendly wait staff. Good food. I had the veggie burrito and it was really good. The chips and salsa was great. Get pitchers of margaritas. I would also suggest that you try a raspberry margarita, because it was great.

After this, we went to the L&L. This is a dive bar that has cheap beer, located at Clark and Belmont. There was a cub’s game last night so the area was infested with sports fans. We managed to get a parking spot and headed in. It was super crowded, the beer was cold and my friends were there. Well some of the people left and it became more comfortable. We did some shots of whiskey at the end of the night and left 1.50 for a tip. Jarrett then removed the dollar from the tip and we took off. I had to go back in to get Stu and got yelled at by the waitress for leaving a 50-cent tip. She was a really shitty bartender and did not even disserve the 50cents.

As we were leaving here, I ran into this girl: Trisha Duffy who I went to UIC with. I said hello, gave her a hug and told her that I had to go drink some more. A few seconds later, there were 2 car accidents at that intersection.

Well onward to Estelle’s. It had a giant line that my sister and a few others were in. We heard that Nicks Beer Garden had no line and decided to head down there. Sure enough, there was a line. So we waited and the rest of the Estelle’s crew joined us. We got it and it was crowded, smoky, and loaded with chuds. I wish we would have just gone into Estelle’s; it’s a much better late night bar.

The night ended at Flash Taco and later my apartment.

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