Storm of the Century

June 18, 2003 · 0 comments

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Storm of the century happened while I was at work today. It was not that exciting really. The google dance (update for you non-geeks) is about to stop which is nice. It seems like it is almost back to “normal”. There has been a definite algorithm tweak, seeing as though certain things do not have the weight that they used to.

I could bitch for a few hours about certain things and people but I will not. 2 more days until the weekend.

I may order a cell phone tonight, depending…If i do it will be the ultra swank nokia 6850(i think that is the model) the one that takes pictures and videos, also acts like a PDA, at least a low end one. I can also sync it to my computer so I will not lose everyone’s number again. Woohoo.

I am attempting to erase myself…we will see how that goes.

I think I saw Erica today on the brown line, while I was waiting for the purple. I would not have seen “her” at all had I just walked to the blue like I normally do. Thank the lord for the rain; otherwise, I may forget what an fool I can be.

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