Don’t think. Vote Bush!

August 28, 2003 · 0 comments

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Felt like shit today, but I wore a smile. It seemed to affect other peoples reaction to me. I need to wear a smile more often.

Looking foward to the hook show this weekend. Pirate grindcore. I cannot wait to see them.

My sister forwarded me this today, some are funny. Not sure on how true the story is.

With the presidential election wind-up already in full swing, the
Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign has been hard at work developing a list of themes to put on bumper-stickers.

This list, which recently was emailed by a disgruntled intern, has made it into the public domain. – – – – – – – –

Bush/Cheney ’04: Four More Wars!
Bush/Cheney ’04: Assimilate. Resistance is Futile.
Bush/Cheney ’04: Apocalypse Now!
Bush/Cheney ’04: Because the truth just isn’t good enough.
Bush/Cheney ’04: Compassionate Colonialism
Bush/Cheney ’04: Deja-voodoo all over again!
Bush/Cheney ’04: Don’t Change Whores in Midstream
Bush/Cheney ’04: Get used to it!
Bush/Cheney ’04: In your heart, you know they’re technically correct.
Bush/Cheney ’04: Leave no billionaire behind
Bush/Cheney ’04: Less CIA — More CYA
Bush/Cheney ’04: Lies and videotape but no sex!
Bush/Cheney ’04: Making the world a better place, one country at a time.
Bush/Cheney ’04: Or else.
Bush/Cheney ’04: Over a billion Whoppers served.
Bush/Cheney ’04: Putting the “con” in conservatism
Bush/Cheney ’04: Thanks for not paying attention.
Bush/Cheney ’04: The economy’s stupid!
Bush/Cheney ’04: The last vote you’ll ever have to cast.
Bush/Cheney ’04: This time, elect us!
Bush/Cheney ’04: We’re Gooder!
Bush/Cheney: Asses of Evil
Don’t think. Vote Bush!
George W. Bush: A brainwave away from the presidency
George W. Bush: It takes a village idiot
George W. Bush: Leadership without a doubt
George W. Bush: The buck stops Over There
God Save the King!
Let them eat yellowcake! Vote Bush!
Peace & Prosperity Suck — Big-Time
Vote Bush in ’04: “I Has Incumbentory Advantitude”
Vote Bush in ’04: “Becausse every vote counts — for me!”
Vote Bush in ’04: “Because I’m the President, that’s why!”
Vote Bush in ’04: Because dictatorship is easier
Vote Bush in ’04: It’s a no-brainer!
Vote for Bush & You Get Dick!
Who would Jesus Bomb?
With a Bush, a Dick, and a Colin everyone gets screwed

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