Weekend Recap.

August 25, 2003 · 0 comments

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This weekend was allright. I hung out with my friend Stu on Friday. We went to Goldstar then to Estelles.

Saturday I worked like 12 hours. No I really did.

My only 2 breaks were to host the gizmo quiz and to go grocery shopping.

I finished at about 11:45 pm jumped in the shower and went up to The Hungry Brain. This bar rules.

I was in the best mood I have been in, in a while once I finished working. It was such a relief to have things completed before I went out.

From here I got in the craziest cab I have ever been in. The cab driver drove down an alley jumping speed bumps. It was was great. Someone threw a bottle of water from a balcony at the cab, it was amazing.

After this I ended up at Estelles and then went out with a few people and chatted until the early early morning.

Sunday I went out to see my Grandparents. It was nice.

Today I stayed home from work. I felt like shit and slept a good chunk of the morning/afternoon away.

I got a check in the mail today, so no complaints. I currently have a brutal headache, but it is like 9pm so I think i will attempt to sleep it off in a few hours.

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