Chicago: Tuman’s tavern / alcohol abuse center (closed)

January 12, 2004 · 0 comments

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Chicago: Tuman’s (open again)

So my sister and I went to visit my grandparents and my parents today and we took leavitt there… on the corner of Augusta and Leavitt Tumans used to stand… Tumans was the greatest dive bar in chicago, you could buy a round of drinks for 4 people and spend less than 10 dollars. About a year ago they closed down…

We drove by today and it was open again…so after grannys house we decided to hit it on the way home.

Well they did a really nice job of remodelling it…they kept the original woodwork, but refinished it. It still has the old style “saloon” type doors when you enter. The big changes are that it now has 2 plasma TV’s, no dust on anything, and they serve food. Oh yeah…and no pool table…I do not think there is a Jukebox anymore either)c:

The drinks were still pretty cheap. Imports were 3 dollars domestics were 2. I had a stella.

The crowd was no longer indie/hipster… it was all jocks and such. The packers game was playing…it was really sad. I am hoping it was just because it was a sunday night during a football game…

It might nice if the kids take it over again…

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