Here are the top phrases searched:

January 13, 2004 · 0 comments

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There were 10 searches for the week ending 01/10/04 for werty dot net

Here are the top phrases searched:

– 3 for “[ blank query ]”*
– 2 for “lomer”
– 1 for “bio”
– 1 for “dimple”
– 1 for “hello”
– 1 for “sex”
– 1 for “wumpus”

Nothing that special…

I have been busy with work. We are moving on friday, the new office is amazing.

I found out tonight that I will have an intern starting in Feb. He will be in the country for 6 months, and I guess he is fascinated with SEO/internet marketing. This should be a great experience for the 2 of us.

We have been launching sites like mad, it is good.

Other than that, nothing much has been going on. I have been listening to my ipod on random for like the last 3 days…and I still have like 3800 songs to go before it is done.

I really want to get one of those mini ones… it is pointless, other than it is small and I try to fill voids by consuming.

That and a DVD burner…pretty much to back stuff up. I do not trust any hard drive with my data, I have had 5-6 hard drives fail on me in the last 10 years…just to many to deal with.

My TV died on me last thursday, which is probably one of the greatest thing to have happened in a while. The only thing I miss about it is that it is relaxing to come home and sit and just vege out…now I come home, listen to music, surf the web, read, COOK!, go to the gym…it is great.

The other thing I miss would be watching movies…I can do that on my laptop if I want too, I guess I must not want to, since I havent yet.

Things that rule: good food, headphones, my job, mogwai, working out, caffiene, heated mattress pads, breasts-of the artificial variety…or better yet, just getting flashed by them(last night), ebay, custom belt buckles, cute girls, and booze.

That is all for now…I am going to try and get to bed early tonight…I am sure I will not have much luck with that.

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