My new lap top is wonderful

May 3, 2004 · 0 comments

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I have been watching all these brilliant streaming TV stations, since I still do not have a television.

here is one called ghostrider:;stream.nsv It is some guy going 250 kph on a motorcycle being chased by cops, zipping in and out of traffic and lots of other crazy things. You can see more info at:;stream.nsv
this is a guy, alex Jones talking about how the government plans to control us all with technology, cell phones, tracking implants, toxins in food etc.
See more at

I went bowling today and got a 174, which is my highest game ever, I did this all one handed, with a highlife, the champagne of beers in my left hand.

I totally geeked it up this weekend. I had three computers running at once on my desk, 2 lap tops and a desktop…it was pretty lame. Basically, my new laptop combines everything on my old laptop with the power of my desktop. I hooked up a usb keyboard and mouse to it and use it as a desktop, the screen is f’n huge and way easier on the eyes than my CRT monitor. Good stuff.

I also got my usb2.0 hard drive enclosure on Thursday. I put my 120 gb drive in that and backed everything up. 60 odd gigs of music and and some videos, web sites, photographs, artwork etc…it is great. Soon I plan to start illustrating again. The best part is I can do it on the go at any location in the world…as long there is power.

This week is going to be crazy, as I will be on vacation next week. I am flying out of Chicago and going to Cleveland where I will be driving up to Toronto and going to nerd fest part 3… corporate style. Going to SES (search engine strategies) Toronto. It should be pretty rocking, I do not even know what the topics are exactly, but I plan to network and get some high end link exchanges in the works and hopefully meet some PR people who can guide me in getting articles/stories posted about the company I work for. It would be grand to attract media atention…as long as our server stays up)c: We need to get some redundancy as far that is concerned.

Here is a little complaint. E-machines, you guys are assholes. I drop 1500 on a laptop and get “included software” such as something I can watch DVDs with as well as something I can burn Cd’s with. Well then I go and upgrade to Windows XP professional and get reamed, when the install CD is a “ghost”, basically a hard drive copy and I cannot install the software w/out installing XP home and losing all of the benefits of XP professional. Thanks. So I write customer support who tell me I can purchase the software from the vendors, or can look for it on the Internet (pirate it???). Fuck you! I am going to respond to them in a professional/angry manor.

Also another complaint. I went to Best Buy on wed. I think it was to return the extended warranty, I found I could get it cheaper through emachine (world class tech support, see above) and got verbally assulted…it was amazing. I go there and they call in a “code blue” which brings out this guy who tries to talk me out of returning it…he even makes stuff up about how the 64 bit processor will overheat and die on me…I explain to him as long as the computer was designed properly it should not fail and that I was getting the warranty from emachine for 70 dollars less than what best buy charges… Well we chat for a while, and I basically tell him to fuck off…the girl who put the return through gives me my receipt and I am out of there…I guess he was not done with me because as I walk away he shouts something to the effect of “good luck trying to get your computer fixed”. I turn around and am in shock and am like “what”. ht guy was like “oh shit” and said sorry to me.

So I come home, call best Buy complaint line and basically ham it up on the phone with this guy telling the tale of how the guy treated me like shit and that how I did not plan to get verbally assaulted when I go into the store… the phone call was actually quite awesome and gave me a natural high for a matter of days. I have learned how to completely throw customer support people off, you mix in a pleasant voice, good social skills and then throw in violent volume changes and swears, I think they find the calls entertaining and are more likely to help you out, either that or they think you are a loon. My sister actually witnessed my phone skills and was quite impressed…she says she will let me handle all of her complaints from now on…I said i would since it is one of the things I enjoy, and it lets me practice my stage voice and acting skills.

All in all this was a good weekend, minus the server crashes and shortness. And yeah…need to pack, get my papers in order, figure out my flight plans and what not and catch up at work and prepare checklists for work.

Ugh, afternoon cat naps suck, and I do not want to go to bed or wake up tomorrow!

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