Terror TV – RCA Alert Guard

June 27, 2004 · 2 comments

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So it is saturday night, and I am at home watching television when I flip past home shopping and return to it when I see something about the TV that was on.

It has a new feature that will alert you EVEN WHEN YOUR TV IS OFF, to any sort of event, be it a tornado, flood (NOAA – Natural and Weather Events) to a missing child, or chemical spill(State and County Emergency Alerts (amber alerts) all the way to National, Regional and State Civil Emergencies such as national attack, terrorist attacks or bio-warfare.

Terror TV – RCA Alert Guard

Remind me never to buy another RCA product. I wonder when all electronics manufactures will update to this wonderful new technology. It would be brilliant if they start including it with all of those new HDTV units. I rate this up there with the manditory GPS tracking in cell phones, known as e911 (enhanced 911)!

Here is a Free GPS cell phone tracking for certain nextel phones. Here is another and a guy who lets you track him.

Scary Stuff!

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1 Sean 07.13.06 at 8:35 pm

Our GPS Tracking System updated every 5 seconds and you can have 512 vehicles on one screen at one time and we use real satillite images for are mapping system. Price is $460 – $399

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