My Friend is a drunken Fool

June 25, 2004 · 1 comment

in 2004,Werty

Puke: Bad night
werty: NEOs?
Puke: yes
werty: nice
werty: was that girl there?
werty: also lunch at 11:30
werty: ?
Puke: i don’t remember any of it
Puke: last i remember is CHRIS and i yelling at a cab driver that he was going the wrong way, then us running
Puke: i don’t know how i got hoem
Puke: i woke up at like 10 and just yelled fffffffffuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkk
Puke: i don’t know where CHRIS is, he may be in bed still
werty: are you at work now?
Puke: yes
werty: uhmazing
werty: drink water
Puke: i don’t know why or how i rode my bike here
werty: are you still drunk then?
Puke: yes
Puke: i fell over this morning when i got out of bed
werty: you should have called in sick
werty: oh god…. you sir are an idiot!! what were you drinking?
Puke: beer
Puke: whiskey
Puke: i know, if i wasn’t drunk, i may have been smart enough to call in sick
werty: send a pic, i bet you look amazing
Puke: oh, i am sure i do
Puke: good thing i don’t have to leave my desk
werty: excellent
werty: i am posting this to my blog and editing names
Puke: sweet

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1 falter 06.25.04 at 1:11 pm

amazing. simply amazing.

falter networks

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