Joining the No Follow Bandwagon

January 22, 2005 · 0 comments

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Well everyone and their mother posted about this new bullshit tag that 3 search engines and some blogging companies all agreed would rid the internet of blogspam… well it won’t. Blogspammers tend to hit old blogs that have not been updated in quite a while… like that crap metrosexual dot org site…it has like 700+ comments because the webmaster is a lazy shit and never deleted them, nor did she update the blogging software to “spam proof” the commenting system using various measures such as changing the comment scipt name, putting a blacklist filter on it, locking all comments, adding one of those randsom note fields, setting post timers so the comments dont get drilled….the list goes on and on…what is important here is that it is this old site that needs to update its comment security because some savvy web marketers fond out how to rank sites easily by exploiting web masters laziness…

What this new tag is going to do is make PR pinching webmasters mess up the entire link swapping industry and cause a ton of problems when trying to find link partners, directories, etc… way to go guys…

Personally I think Google would have been better off improving its blogger software…here are a few suggestions: add trackbacks and categories, also let me export all of my content so I can import it to a system that allows me to use categories and trackbacks….

I guess I should not really bitch since this is free, easy to use and better than it was a year ago.

If anyone knows of a way to import this into moveable type or wordpress please let me know…and it would have to be an easy programming free way of doing so, since I am pretty worthless when it comes to code.

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