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January 22, 2005 · 2 comments

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So there I am working my ass off late last night until about 9pm at night…all I want is some fucking pizza and I want to order it before I leave so that it will arrive shortly after I do. This is where the fun starts… searching for a place called “Chicago(s) Pizza, in Chicago” what a fucking mess.

First off I try google, because they are the greatest(right??)…
So I type in chicago pizza…thinking that might do it… I try the local results…no dice. I get crafty and go with “chicago pizza” 60622, no sir, “chicago pizza” chicago, again nothing… fuck google I kick it over to yahoo…

At yahoo I try “chicago pizza”, no mam, pizza 60622 nope, not on the list… allright then a lightbulb goes off and I am like “oh jakey” and I remember he now runs a local search engine up in canada called true local so I head over to there.

The true local experience… I try “chicago pizza” and 60622, nothing…. damn you jake! Then I try pizza, chicago and scroll a couple pages… I really wanted to find it… really. I probably tried a few more scrolled a couple more pages and nothing. (please not true local is in beta and I sent them the problem which should be getting fixed – and it is awesome that they listen)

At this point nearly 2 minutes have lapsed and ol werty is getting angry… I say “if there is a god will he please let me locate ‘chicago pizza’ so I may order online and get a delicious large spinach stuffed deep dish pizza delivered to my door hot and fresh and oh so refreshing on such a cold winters night after a hard day of working my ass” and I say fuck and try yahoo again:

I do one final search for “chicago pizza” chicago and it gives me I think 4 results… the first was Chicago Pizza and it had a link to their website:

Chicago’s pizza – order online

So the morals of this story are as follows:
1. always trust god
2. google is a piece
3. pizza is good
4. working late is not
5. Jake Baillie owns
6. yahoo local is tits
7. True Local should be even better once it comes out of beta
8. I searched more in two minutes than most people do in a month.

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1 James 01.24.05 at 11:51 am

I found it in 2 seconds.
You don’t know anything about searching the internet. + chicago pizza = phone number, address and link to website.

2 werty 01.24.05 at 9:25 pm

F the internet.

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