Cure for the flu or cold?

May 13, 2005 · 1 comment

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Does anyone out there have a cure for the flu or cold, other than antibiotics?

Everyone at work has come down with something…either the flu or a cold…seems to be the flu, since mine has lasted a good week or so.

I have terrible congestion, cough, runny nose, sneezing…the works. I have tried getting more sleep but have had a busy week… so this weekend I plan to combat it and win. Sleep, the Canadian equivalent of theraflu, and some oscillo. I am thinking I will come out a winner.

I have been sneezing all of the time and it makes me think of Justin, my old boss sneezing like a cannon always at the old office…it would scare some and amaze others, I fell into the second category. CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Tomorrow I plan to eat sick foods, a few gallons of water and soup…spicy soup, like tom yum or something. Hopefully I will be victorious and zap the common cold or flu.

Oh yeah…normally if I am sick for this long I go to the doctor, but since I am in Canada I do not have a doctor, and I am not yet eligible for their “free” healthcare…you may not have to pay when you go to the doctor, but they take half your paycheck for taxes…

Anyhow, I purchased personal insurance after I quit my job and before I came up here. I picked unicare as health insurance and I am sorry that I did. I am pretty much lost because I cannot contact those assf**ks because they are too cheap to allow foriegn countries to dial their 800 number, and there was no mention of a non 800 number on their crappy site. And the icing on the unicare cake was that all of the email addresses on the site bounced. I would not mind cutting someone over at unicare right now…or at least spit a gob of flu infested mucus on one their crap ass executives.

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1 casey ryan 05.16.05 at 2:13 pm

Death. definetly cure that flu.

Also found that getting crazy drunk and puking a ton can make the cold go away.

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