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June 29, 2005 · 6 comments

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So many of you may have seen me taking pictures the night of the webmaster radio party. I am glad you remember this… because I sure don’t.

I spoke that day, and dreaded doing so…I think I did a terrible job, did not get to answer any questions and feel my whole presence on that panel was done poorly.

Well after I spoke a certain Rene from Spain bought me a beer, then one EliteWeb got me a shot of Bacardi 151 and another beer… wow, the liquir was filling my empty stomach with warmth. Well in the next hour the party was starting and I needed to drop my computer off at the Hotel, so did Jenn. So a few of headed over there and planned to get dinner on the way to the party…then we heard the news the party was going to have food as well as booze!

We arrive for the party, go upstairs, and start drinking…no food in site…I am pretty sure I performed one of my famous walking blackous throughout this event as I have hundreds of brilliant pictures. It would seem that the booze put george to sleep and werty took his place, and of course who does not love werty, especially when he is holding a camera…at some point the liquir took werty out and the evil doctor wertrose had to take over the camera… I heard later on that he was a naughty boy, and one look at the pictures proves that…

Apparently all three of us made it to another party after this and were in rare form…there had to have been 2-3 brain cells working, one for breathing, one for drinking, and for standing up. I do not remember any of this event but I guess I was there for a while… If I would have eaten something I would have rememeber to take pictures at the second party…next time I will keep some tater tots in my pocket like Napoleon Dynamite.

The next day I woke from complete darkness, completely naked! I hear you have to do this at least once while you are down in New Orleans, luckily I was in the hotel room, and my girlfriend was the one next to me. Hahahaha. I am worthless…except for marathon drinking and taking photos.

New Orleans was gross, it smelled like vomit and was like 98 degrees with 100% humidity. UH-MAZING. Some good food down there and way too much booze.

I was glad I went and got to hang out with lots of the webmasterworld crew.

Pictures of New Orleans Pubcon can be found here, sorry lamers and spiders, but it is password protected. Shoot me a sticky if you want access. Chances are there is a picture of you doing a “tooter shooter” with one of the many waitresses at the party.

Here is the low life ‘trose:

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1 Maria Collins 06.30.05 at 12:14 am

Evil Wertrose knows how to party! That kid is INSANE. You should let him out more often.

2 your_store 06.30.05 at 11:33 am

Argh.. yet another reason I shouldn’t have missed PubCon. As if I needed another one. Thanks Werty

3 T-Money 06.30.05 at 1:40 pm

I didn’t see any pictures of you checking out some of the fine T’s at Barely Legal.

4 Valery 06.16.09 at 7:10 pm

What is that long silver thing ? Hello im unexperienced!!

5 werty 06.16.09 at 7:14 pm

It is a “test tube” they were like test tube shots… and the shot girls hold them in their mouth. It is probably the worst job in the world to be a new orleans shot girl.

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