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May 12, 2005 · 3 comments

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I was sleeping on an air mattress and wanted something a bit firmer that did not deflate as I was sleeping, so I decided to puchase a futon. I shopped around online and had terrible luck…as usual. Shopping online in Canada is a complete fucking joke…it is terrible. The US has it really lucky…you can find something, buy it, and not worry about customs or insane shipping prices.

Anyhow I finally found a few places and decided to check them out. I ended up going with “the futon shop”

Futon Shop The
519) 836-1883
23 Wellington Street East
Guelph, ON

They had a pretty good selection, and the woman who showed me the products was terrific. I ended up getting a spring core futon with foam surrounding because it has more give to it, and is way more comfortable for extended periods of sitting on your ass watching movies…which I happen to love doing.

I will be going back there to look at futon frames with the lady friend once she decides when she wants a new futon frame.

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1 denstat 03.18.06 at 7:59 pm

could not agree more about online shopping — the border is like a shopping firewall the minute you want something large!!!! nobody wants to be a customs broker for residences. good luck and good sleeping.

2 LG 12.15.06 at 5:52 pm

Online shopping in Canada. It sucks. It is actually one of the few things that sucks more than shopping at a mall in Canada.

People who object to free trade, NAFTA and all that should really try shopping in Canada. They would drop their hippie ways and join capitalism … in a minute*.

*unless they are Canadian in which case, they will think everything is okay as it is

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