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May 12, 2005 · 1 comment

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So lets see what has happened in the last 2-3 months…

I was unhappy with my job at locallaunch! , it seemed as though I reached where they saw my potential and they were moving me around to compensate for that. Things were rough for a while and I started doing lots of odd/side work and increased the amount of affiliate sites I was working on. I was working around 12 or so hours a day with the two jobs, making some good money and was able to save a big chunk of change. I was ready to make the jump to become a bath-rober. I had a stack of clients and a stack of aff sites with numerous sites in the pipeline…things were looking good so I made the jump.

I told a few friends that I quit and word was spreading of my availability. I interviewed with some top players in the industry and traveled to the east coast for an interview, when I returned home I had a message on my voicemail from another buddy who wanted me to interview up in Canada…and a job offer from beantown…so the next week Jenn and I rented a car and headed up there. The weather was shit and the trip took about 3 times longer then expected…the interview went okay and I was not expecting much…the next day I went back and things were better. They made me an offer, I countered, we ended up hitting some numbers I was happy with and my plans to come up to Canada were soon in the works.

Two weeks later I was on a plane, 2 bags full of goods and the expectation of my belongings following a few weeks later and I was ready to work…

I found an apartment and started looking for cars. Work was going slow at first and I was worried. Finally I had plans for a site and started to build it out…it went much slower then expected and when it launched I was unhappy with the results…well then one day I go to work and the results were brilliant…and everyone was happy…

Well 4 weeks pass and still no work permit, and I had a return flight back to Chicago…so I take it. Jenn and I rent another car and we come up with a load of my crap…we get stopped at the border by the worlds largest cunt and I am denied access back in for working illegally (although working as a freelance internet consultant is completely legal, especially when you still have residency in another country/city)…note to self…lie at the border… JUST VISITING. We spend a night in Detroit and head across the next day…as visitors…we were both scared to death and thought the end was near.

Well more weeks pass…and still no work permit…finally Saturday I get an email containing the letter saying that I will not harm the Canadian economy by working here…and I can go to the border to get my work permit…YES. Everything was dependent on this $150 piece of shit paper stapled into my passport. I will now be able to move my apartment up here, I can buy a car, I can get a SIC – social insurance card, the Canadian equivalent of the social security card, which will allow me to get a credit card and health care in 3 months…what a pain in the ass.

So it has been 8 weeks, I went from sleeping on a floor to an air mattress to a futon mattress to now a memory foam mattress and my desk has been a pilates ball and a folding table I stole from work, a nasty change from my sweet herman miller mirra chair. I cannot wait to get the rest of my belongings up here and complete this terrible move.

While I have been up here I have missed helping my sister move to her new apartment and my grandma falling…twice. I cannot wait to get this car and be able to legally drive back home to see the family…I actually miss them and hope that everything is all right and I can help them when I am back.

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1 T-Money 05.25.05 at 5:09 pm

The best part about you moving to Canada is that I can officially move to #1 on the list of most eligible bachelors in the United States. Thanks dude.

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