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October 10, 2005 · 7 comments

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This is just kind of a weekend summary / Guelph Canada / internet rant.

This weekend I went bowling, it was my first time bowling in Canada, and I had a good time. A few of us went, and we all had a good time, we went to I think woodlawn lanes on woodlawn in guelph… they had new shoes, computerized scoring. It was no brunswick zone…I would say mid 80s computerized scoring…either way it worked, plus it was fairly cheap, like 3.00 for shoes and 3.75 per game.

The rant comes here: We were hoping to try traditionally canadian 5 pin bowling. I searched for 5 pin bowling online, and it said this bowling alley had 5 pin bowling…just like in degrassi high…we go, and no dice )c: On our way out at asked one of the extremely friendly employees if they knew where we could try 5 pin bowling. it turns out, those lanes did not have 5 pin bowling since the late 80’s, and when they switched to 10 pin bowling it put the other 5 pin lane out of business? Supposedly some legion hall in downtown guelph has a hand set 5 pin alley, 2 or 3 lanes, in the basement, but you have to aquire special access to it? So, I guess we need to go to Cambridge, Ontario to find a 5 pin bowling alley…I really want to try it.

I am pretty much giving up my quest to find a bowling alley with the old out-of-date internet resources…so I am hopin ga local finds this and can point me in the right direction.

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1 Barb Vos 04.27.06 at 9:03 pm

Good Luck finding one in Cambridge too!
We’ve been doing the same search too, and have come up empty handed.

2 someone 07.02.06 at 8:47 pm

Fergus Bowling Lanes!! vintage 5 pin at its best. 4 lanes and no 10 pin. Lame hours.

3 Ty 11.17.08 at 9:59 pm

Hey, you should go west. You’ll have no trouble finding 5 pin bowling here in Alberta.

4 Michelle 10.03.09 at 10:18 am

There’s a 5 pin bowling lane in Georgetown Ontario, about 35 minutes from Guelph.

5 Harmony 02.21.10 at 2:55 am

There are 2 bowling alley’s in Cambridge that have 5-pin. None in Guelph… TC’s had 5-pin but closed when no one wanted to buy it.

iBowl – Parkhill Rd.

Dickson Bowl – Ainslie Rd.

6 michele 04.03.13 at 2:58 pm

Fergus, on. no longer has a bowling alley. 🙁

7 James 10.15.14 at 1:59 pm

Nine years after the initial inquiry, but I’ll add to this thread by stating what a shame it is to see so many 5 pin alleys disappearing, especially so when the bowling establishment itself remains but renovates to accommodate 10 pin lanes only. And to have this happen in Guelph, the birthplace of Tommy F. Ryan, the man who invented the game, well, it’s sad. A far harder and superior game then American 10 pin, I seriously hope that the 5 pin game experiences some sort of resurgence before Alberta is the only province left in the country with lanes.

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