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October 20, 2005 · 0 comments

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This week pretty much flew by in a flu induced haze. I managed to sleep some crazy hours last weekend and a few nights this week. I have had the chills, probably a fever, slow thoughts, mind cloudiness, etc… But thanks to sweet homeopathic meds, I was able to avoid missing any work.

In other news I went through some boxes, found all of my painting supplies and will hopefully start painting again… If I paint anything I will post it on here.

I am also in the process of building one of the most brilliant things EVER… we will see where it falls/lands, stay tuned for news on that!

Here are the top searches for the last week 10/15/05:

– 6 for “tiffany teen”
– 2 for “click wheel not working
– 1 for “[ blank query ]”*
– 1 for “ben franklin superhero dolls” (interesting search)
– 1 for “change language”
– 1 for “como si dice sex tape in canadian” (NICE)
– 1 for “fix the click wheel”
– 1 for “fuck boys”
– 1 for “heavy”
– 1 for “ipod dead face(this is a new one)

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