Top Searches and an Update

October 6, 2005 · 0 comments

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Here are the top phrases searched:

– 3 for “next door nikki”
– 2 for “ipod mini disk write error”
– 1 for “a folder with a warning sign”
– 1 for “double size”
– 1 for “drunken canadian travel club”
– 1 for “net door nikki”
– 1 for “phil flash”
– 1 for “pitchers on hacking”
– 1 for “poker”
– 1 for “rada”

So what is the news… nothing much. I slept like a corpse yesterday. Like 16 hours of straight sleep…I was worthless.

We have a long weekend coming up, and I am not able to make it to my friends wedding…I wish I had more days off of work, or less work to do while I am there…

I bought this crap keyboard from the futureshop, for like 9.99 and the “b” button is flaky on it, so I always ended up not typing B’s when I hit one…I hate it…but I refuse to buy a new one, unless this bad boy mysteriously breaks…

I will be speaking down in Vegas next month on Niche Marketing and Microsites…I have a bit of research to do, but plan to provide some killer info on how to convince your users that you are an authority, which should allow most small business to diversify their income sources and hopefully catch some whales along the way.

Anyone else noticing that google adwords has become a huge bitch lately? I am trying a few different techniques to overcome their new system…i read a unch on it, and it still seems that there is no clear cut info on how their “adrank” algo ranks your ads…it seems if you go in too strong they expect that to be your starting point…my theory is to go low and increase your bids as time goes on… There may also be other solutions available which rely on the BS foriegn traffic that they can send you…which will inflate the CTR which give you some extra boost across the more expensive US network…an interesting theory but requires further testing. I wouldlove to hear discussion about the topic…

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