Harry Potter Ipod

October 8, 2005 · 1 comment

in WTF?

For any ipod or Harry potter freaks out there, there is a new limitedHarry Potter 20GB Collector’s iPod

The main difference etween this and other 20GB ipod is that it comes pre-loaded with all the harry potter books as audio books, and has a Harry Potter Laser etching on the back…

Now here comes the fun part, the price!
The ipod is $299, the same price as you would normally pay so if you are buying a 20gb ipod anyway, and love harry potter, you may as well get this one.

The ebooks / audiobooks are $249…holy crap!!! I would check one of the P2P networks for those, because that is just crazy. It would not be that bad if it came with the physical books to boot, but that is just crazy for locked down audio files.

The reason I found this is because my sisters Bday is coming up and I am looking at the various models… this one was news to me..I should just buy it for her, so she has the nerdiest ipod on the block.

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1 Lucas 11.10.06 at 11:24 pm

I have one and it is awesome!

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