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November 9, 2005 · 4 comments

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So I have been pretty flipping busy lately, mainly due to work, and other stresses, but for the last two weekends I started to paint again, and it has been great. The first one I did had this image that I drew on my whiteboard over at, and loved it so much I traced it to paper. I thought I lost it when I first moved here, but found it later and hung it on my fridge. Well tonight I took pictures of it, so I could trace it in illustrator, for future use and decided to take pictures of my 2 paintings while the camera was out:

I really like the background on this, and I need to finish the figure, but I think I might leave it for a while because I enjoy the emptyness of it…very ghostly:

I think what I really like about this little guy is that he has some serious issues, and has found him self in a weird naked situation, and seems to be ashamed/saddened by it. It is hard to tell in the painting, but there are hands over the guys “junk”. Now there are numerous questions to be asked, the obvious is why is he naked? What happened to his clothes? Why is he sad ashamed by being naked? Who is this guy? Who does he represent? Why doesnt anyone help him? … the list can go on and on.

There were talks and I believe his name is Michael, but I am thinking it might need to be changed to something with a little more class. What do you think his name should be?

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1 falter 11.10.05 at 8:16 am

wtf my name has no class?

2 James 11.10.05 at 2:34 pm


3 eselcee 11.11.05 at 3:41 pm

i’m feeling Stanley the Ghost.

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