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November 10, 2005 · 2 comments

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This is the second painting I am working on, only the background is finished. I will not be able to paint this weekend, because I will be in Las Vegas for Pubcon. If you see me down there give me hello.

Anyhow the basis of this painting is from the mental imagery that I got when I read Catch 22 a while ago. It has stuck in myhead, and I think I need to get it out with a brush and some oil paint. It is the scene with the reef, the man and the plane.

The weird thing is when I look at this painting, some other things are popping out…so it will be interesting to see where this goes.

Anyhwo here is a pic:

In the background is my favorite painting:

I need to make another one of these with a different message and color. Same style and size. I need to find an art supply store in guelph. I think there is one downtown, but I am guessing 4 48″ stretchers, 2 yards of canvas, and a jug of primer is going to be crazy expensive. Anyhow let me know the thoughts of this painting too.

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1 gaelin 01.06.06 at 8:40 am

Hi, I’ve been blog surfing, seeing what the other artists in the world are up to…Interesting painting with the li’l girl. You want to make another? What will the subject be?

Isn’t it great how you can start off a painting with a pretty certain idea of what you want to create, and then it ends up suprising the hell out of you. Almost like an interactive experience. I’m busy with one at the moment, also in blues…Will you post updates on your new piece?

2 werty 01.08.06 at 10:50 pm

Yeah I plan to make a whole series based on it. Well most likely it will a questionable subject with a cryptic message hid in the barcode background once again.

I have not painted in a bit, been busy with the holidays and travel and such. Hopefully I will find time to complete the blue one. So friends saw it and said they saw faces in it… which is a common sighting in my work.

I really miss creating things like I used to…now I create massive advertising campaigns which fill my wallett but drain my mind. I will post some pictures of some work I took pictures of last month…some things I made using lost wax casting.

Anyhow thanks for visiting and you kind words!


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